Resistor Calculator for Forgetful Electro–Hobbyists


The Resistulator calculates the value of a resistor from the sequence of colored bands painted on the resistor. It also displays the corresponding color sequence when a resistor value is entered. This Mac OS X Dashboard widget was created as a reference tool and an aid for teaching electronics workshops.

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The iPhone version of the Resistulator was designed to have a more playful interface while offering all the features of the widget version. It was designed in November 2008 for Calftrail Software and is now available in the iTunes App Store.


This software is provided without even a semblance of a warrantee or guarantee, best of luck to you.

Mac OS X 10.4 or iPhone OS 2.2 Required


An editable text field for numeric value entry was intentionally omitted since dropdown menus (for Dashboard) and sliders (for iPhone) are mechanisms that enforce the requisite thought process of the encoding scheme. This enables the Resistulator to function as a learning tool.

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